Insert Bad Autumn Pun Here

The minute I stepped outside my dorm a few weeks ago and felt cool breeze on my skin instead of the normal mid-morning heat, I had only one thought: Oh, YES.

It’s now October, readers, otherwise known as the absolute greatest month of the year — Autumn is upon us! Although all of the seasons are beautiful in their own way and completely necessary, of course, I’ve always loved this particular point on the wheel, and why not? Returning to school, perfect weather, beautiful changes in nature and fun holidays all add up to make a pretty amazing atmosphere.

Don’t pay ANY attention to this noise.

Well…an amazing atmosphere everywhere except on the non-Tumblr internet. Apparently your favorite season being Autumn has become something of a negative stereotype applied to teenage girls, as per graphics that say things like “if you say ‘pumpkin spice latte’ in front of a mirror three times, a white girl in yoga pants will appear and tell you her favorite things about Fall.” Needless to say, readers…this irked me. So guess what? This white girl is about to tell you her favorite things about Fall!

– Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING

Except pumpkin spice coffee (I normally can’t stand any type of coffee, honestly). But pumpkin spice tea? Goodness yes, get into my tummy. It’s a bit hard to explain this appealing factor of the season, but I suppose any kind of seasonal food is awesome if you haven’t had it since last year.

The Cumberland Gap in Autumn. How more beautiful can it get?

– The Weather

I enjoy the concept of being outside, I honestly do! But throughout most of the year, I always find one excuse or another to not spend time outdoors. In Spring, it’s too wet; in Summer, it’s too hot and humid; in Winter, it’s freezing. But in Autumn…hardly any humidity, no heat, and no frigid cold. Everything’s in perfect balance, which definitely makes it the most comfortable season, and also means that I have no excuses not to go out into natural sunlight. (Perfect weather for wearing my favorite cozy hoodies as well!)

– The Equinox Itself

Autumn is the beginning of a seemingly nonstop string of holidays, but the Autumn Equinox itself isn’t considered a particularly special day in our culture at large aside from “It’s Fall now! Yay.” For me, the first days of the seasons are days for me to orient myself, get in tune with the cycle of the year, and reflect. On the first day of Fall, I look back to the first day of Summer and onward, ask myself what has changed and how I’ve grown from then to now. I might take the long way while walking to my classes (there’s an uphill path going up to the main humanities building, Avery Hall, that’s ridged by trees and beautiful when the colors finally start changing) to admire and meditate on the changes nature is going through.

Speaking of that aforementioned string of holidays…


A sneak-peak at my Halloween costume. The metal hand and mask give it away? (See my last post for a clue!)

It’s difficult for me to explain exactly how much I adore this spooky day, but I’ll give it a shot. For as long as I can remember, I have adored stepping out of myself and into someone else, stripping off everyday life and replacing it with something otherworldly. In other words…I really like wearing costumes, and since Halloween is pretty much the only day of the year I can do this in public with the approval of society at large, I take full advantage of it. I’ve never missed a year of dressing up, whether I was wearing a precariously assembled superhero costume or edgy clothing and fangs. While I may be a bit too old to actually go out trick-or-treating now, I always look for other fun things I can do to get out on the 31st. Last year, it was the LMU Honors’ Program Halloween party and the trick-or-treating event in Tex Turner Arena, just a short walk away from my dorm. When it comes to the more “scare yourself for fun” aspect of the holiday, it took me quite a while to warm up to it. But now even I can get out and enjoy giving myself a good fright via horror movie or haunted house…as long as I’m not alone. Because, really, what’s the fun in costumes, all the chocolate you can eat, and shrieking until you go hoarse if you can’t enjoy it with friends?

The final reason Autumn is the absolute best point in time?

– It’s a Metaphor

Each morning when I leave my dorm to head to class, I’m met by chilly air, sporadic flurries of falling leaves, the occasional thump of a walnut from the tree near the sidewalk narrowly missing me in its descent. It’s a beautiful scene, and evokes comforting feelings – but not just because of the sensory details. Nature is literally killing itself to pave the way for new life to return when the wheel turns again. If that’s not the most awesome thing ever, what is?

In continued celebration of October, an upcoming post of mine is going to feature a look into my costume-making process – feel free to follow my blog for the update!


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