The Adventures of Moving

It’s only three days into my fourth semester at LMU, and I’m already tired. However, this isn’t because any of my very interesting classes are particularly taxing, or because I’m loaded down with extracurricular activities. No, I’m all burnt out from what happened the week before school started: moving.

I didn’t move far away, not at all, and this move actually would have happened over the summer if circumstances would have cooperated a little bit better. My father’s job sometimes requires him to transfer offices and my family to switch locations accordingly, as it did once before when I was still in middle school. This time, his transfer took us a good few miles south of Harrogate to Knoxville, one of the closest cities to LMU. Many of my friends from school live here, as well as some of my extended family, and not to mention friends and acquaintances I met at local anime conventions. I was happy beyond words to find that we were finally moving, and flung myself into the process as soon as I could.

And so, the first half of the past week has consisted of me packing up nearly the entirety of my room, a task easier said than done. The majority of the multitude of boxes I ended up with was – you guessed it, readers – books. Although I knew the movers would pack some things for us, I wasn’t planning on letting anyone besides me touch my babies. The next most taxing thing was consolidating my cosplay supplies into a few bins, and then cleaning out any general rubbish that I didn’t want to take with me. The second half of the week was a whirlwind of the movers coming and packing everything away to the new house, me doing the bulk of cleaning the old one, and all of us finally getting back to the new house to unpack and work on settling in. Needless to say, I’m exhausted.

Technically, I’m now living in Halls, a community just outside the main parts of Knoxville, but it’s only a hop and a skip away from the city itself. While I was living in Harrogate, my family and I often took outings there together for shopping or just a fun day out, and I recently started making trips down on my own to visit friends. It’s a little surreal and very exciting, knowing that both some of my closest friends and my favorite bookstores are no longer going to be almost two hours away from me! One of the reasons I’m most excited about this move is the reason of access. The Harrogate-Middlesboro area is lovely and peaceful (perfect for focusing on school!) but is still a small town without the depth of options that a bigger city has. Knoxville being as close as it is to LMU is wonderful, but I once often lacked the time to visit there regularly even during summer. I’m very excited to finally have a permanent residence where all the action is!

As fun as my new city is going to be, I can’t ignore the implications this move is going to have on my school life, either. Before last week, my family had lived for the past four years in Harrogate, and our house was only about a ten-minute drive from the LMU main campus. I lived on campus for purposes of both convenience and my social life, but had pretty quick access to home should something happen or if I just wanted to visit. Now, however, I’m not going to have that luxury. I’ll have an hour drive to visit home. I’ll have to manage a lot of my local appointments that were previously handled by my family myself. My mom and I will no longer have our semi-frequent early morning tea and chats at the student center’s coffee shop. My answer to “why are you living on campus?” will no longer be just “because I wanted to be more involved on campus and in developing my social bonds” but “because I have to be closer to school”.

However, as new as this is, I see it as something of an adventure. I started out my college experience living close to home – now I’m simply taking a few steps away, becoming a little bit more independent. It’s an opportunity to learn how to “adult” a little bit better, one semester at a time.

And once this semester is over, I can’t wait to see what I can get into in the city over the summer!

Now, readers, it’s your turn. Has relocating to a different area ever affected your life in a significant way? What adventures did you find as a result? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments, and if you’d like to hear more of mine, be sure and follow my blog!


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