Convention-Going Travel Log

I go to a ton of anime, comic, and nerdy pop culture events throughout the year, whether it be to check out awesome merchandise, meet celebrity guests, show off my costumes, or just hang out with friends and have a fun time. I blog about each and every convention I go to – you can find the logs of past events I’ve been to here!

Yama-Con 2013: Nerds Have More Fun

At this anime con in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, I helped co-host a panel as well as got some experience chaperoning a high school trip.

ETSUCon 2014: Getting Into Character

This con held at East Tennessee State University is run completely by the college’s anime club. Not only did I debut my Attack on Titan cosplay at this event, I was also the host of my first panel and tried my hand at staying “in-character” while in costume.

Colossalcon 2014: The VIP Treatment

The largest convention I go to regularly is this aptly-named con in Sandusky, Ohio – this year was my first time purchasing a VIP ticket to a convention and experiencing all of the perks that came along with it.

Yama-Con 2014: The Best of Times, the Busiest of Times

My third year attending my favorite convention, Yama-Con, is the first year that I was actively involved in a convention behind-the-scenes as a working volunteer, which was both educational and extremely fun.

Knoxville Anime Day 2015: The More the Merrier

I hadn’t planned at all to attend this tiny one-day convention, and yet it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable small events I’ve been to, especially since I attended with a rather large collaborative cosplay group!


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