Graphic Literature Influences

Great literature doesn’t have to be restricted to the medium of simple words on a page. From graphic novels to manga tankōbon and Western comic books, some of the best stories I’ve encountered have been in graphic form. This series explores some of my favorites and why I came to love them.

A Heart Made Fullmetal

Fullmetal Alchemist was my first real “adult” manga that introduced me to the darker, heavier side of Japanese comics. Its complex and sympathetic characters contributed to the series’ utterly honest portrayal of humanity.

The Wings of Freedom

The popular and shockingly terrifying manga Attack on Titan uses much profound symbolism, including one crest that signifies hope, the will to fight on, and the inherent freedom we all possess.

Not A Perfect Soldier, But A Good Man

The character of Captain America from Marvel comics is the superhero I identify most strongly with, not because of his superpowers but because of his idealism and compassion.


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