My Costuming Work

As mentioned in my Meet The Writer page, I adore cosplaying and costume design! This is a log, from most recent to least, of the cosplay costumes I have completed (whether handmade or assembled from premade parts) over the years.

Yuna (Songstress Dressphere) – Final Fantasy X-2

Completed: 2014

Sailor Venus (mermaid original design) – Sailor Moon

Completed: 2014

Petra Ral – Attack on Titan

Completed: 2014

1150835_662872303777364_945923129_n 10151475_1438207463083923_624651663_n 10178335_1438207473083922_360440585_n  10153532_1438207456417257_1418704862_n

Yuna – Final Fantasy X

Completed: 2013

 IMG_1233 e IMG_1251 e IMG_1268 e

Maggie Lacivi – Ava’s Demon

Completed: 2013

5_1  5_4 5_2

Bro Strider – Homestuck

Completed: 2013

5_5 5_6-1

Desmond Miles (female redesign) – Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

Completed: 2012

Hawkeye (female redesign) – The Avengers

Completed: 2012

Zelda (Skyloft outfit) – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Completed 2012


“Chibi” Tsunade – Naruto

Completed: 2007

Scan 1


Mai Kujaku / Mai Valentine – Yu-Gi-Oh! (Completed 2009)

Greece / Heracles Karpusi – Axis Powers Hetalia (Completed 2012)

Starfleet captain – Star Trek: The Original Series (Completed 2013)

Espeon gijinka – Pokémon (Completed 2015)


Orion slave girl – Star Trek

Gym Leader Elsa – Frozen / Pokémon crossover

Original Design Shadowhunter – The Mortal Instruments


Yuna (Gunner dressphere) – Final Fantasy X-2

Prussia / Gilbert Beilschmidt – Gakuen Hetalia

Haku Yuki – Naruto


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